Drawing from centuries of cultures migrating across the Silk Road, PANGEA weaves a rich musical tapestry derived from music traditions of Mongolia, China, Central Asia, and Europe.


PANGEA is a Contemporary World Music Band in America, formed by the deeply passionate vocals of flamenco guitarist Erkin Abdulla, highlighted by the multi-instrumentalist Hong Wang, dance over the lush soundscape of Albert Chang's and keyboards. Their musical union demonstrates the potential of the human spirit and seeking an inner harmony common to all. 

In 2014, Hollywood Music Media Award nominated the song Mongol Matador for Best Song of the Year. Supported by the Nevada Arts Foundation, PANGEA toured to many cities throughout China and appeared on the China Central Television of Jiling Changchung. In December of 2015, the Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese of Suzhou presented PANGEA as the Official Envoy of Cultural Exchange between China and the United States. In March 2016, PANGEA will release their new album Timeless, and begin the promotional concert tour starting in Las Vegas of Nevada, U.S., and then Shanghai and Guangzhou of China.

PANGEA 是一個融合多元音樂風格的跨界樂團。2010 年創立於美國洛杉磯。樂團的主要成員由80集美動畫画片《功夫熊猫》配了所有的中國樂

器演奏家汪洪(Henry Wang)2008 年榮獲好萊塢媒體獎最佳拉汀藝人伯特·其林格瑞(Robert Chilingirian),和在2010 上海國際點影節最佳亞州新人獎提名的好萊塢美籍華裔電影制作人/作曲家張青峯(Albert Chang)

三位音樂家來自於不同背景,也都是集作曲,音樂制作和演奏為一身。他們融合了世界文化的元素, 一起打造出來多風格也具有畫面感的音樂。

今年的最新世界器樂原創專集Timeless在今年二月被好萊塢媒體音樂獎(Hollywood Music in Media Awards)提名最佳世界音樂。這也是 PANGEA 的第二次提名。2014年的原創歌曲Mongol Matador也同樣獲得好萊塢媒體音樂獎的最佳音樂提名。